What is SCIO

What is SCIO?

SCIO (Latin = I know), derived from the Scientific Consciousness Interface Operation system, is a special computer system of energy medicine that balances the body at the energy level. Having studied mathematics, electrical engineering, and quantum physics, Professor Bill Nelson, aided by his extensive knowledge and driven by his great desire to help his autistic son, integrated his medical skills and invented SCIO in his laboratory.

SCIO is an aggregate of mathematics, quantum physics, fractal dynamics, subspace theory, electronics and computer programming knowledge. The therapy integrates the following modalities: naturopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic therapy, energy medicine, psychology, aromatherapy, reflexology, colour therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, biofeedback and Rife resonator. SCIO includes knowledge of metaphysical subjects to bring a unique perspective to natural healing.

What is “subtle energy”?

Intelligent energy or invisible energy has been used for thousands of years in acupuncture and other traditional healing methods for diagnosis and treatment.

We know that every cell, every organ, meridian and emotion have electromagnetic effect. We also know that diseases may start as energy disorders. Body imbalance in the form of subtle energy disorders will appear a lot earlier than the physical disease itself.

How often have you reported symptoms, whereas all your test results were within the “limit values”? By the moment anomalies are detected by traditional methods, the disease may be quite advanced. Energy imbalance may represent an early warning regarding health status. If the imbalance is not corrected, there is a high probability that physical symptoms will appear, i.e. the disease. In addition to representing a system of preventive action, SCIO also helps to restore physical energy by balancing the subtle energies.

All aspects of our lives (physical health and disease, emotions, thoughts) operate according to the laws of quantum physics. Now we can all have access to the power of healing, entailing a combination of ancient wisdom and modern technology.

How does SCIO work?

SCIO is a sophisticated biofeedback system designed for stress detection and stress elimination. SCIO measures the subconsciousness and establishes a connection between the conscious and subconscious mind. Our consciousness is only a tiny piece of our being; therefore it is not a reliable source of information on life or disease.

SCIO collects bioenergetics data from our body at a biological rate which is measured in thousands of seconds and concurrently processes fifty-five parameters, which means that within a few minutes, up to ten thousand of patient feedback data may be collected.

SCIO communicates with the body to establish energy balance which affects personal health, physical, mental and emotional issues. It is calibrated to measure subtle body reactions based on biological, psychological and medical products in electromagnetic form.

The sensitivity is set so finely that it picks up the earliest sign of disorder which then represents the priority in the patient’s healing. The program offers information which is specific for subtle energy measurement – emotional and mental stresses, nutritional needs, toxins, food sensitivities, digestive and other issues. The system operates with 85% accuracy.

For the best course of the therapy, the practitioner has to read the results correctly. By analyzing the patterns, he/she will be able to provide information on issues related to mental and emotional stress, nutritional suggestions, i.e. all existing imbalances identified by SCIO. The treatment is implemented in layers, step by step, according to priorities defined by the device itself. SCIO applies suitable frequencies to correct imbalances and enable the body to restore the state of health and vitality. The subconsciousness indicates which kinds of therapy are the most appropriate for each individual. The practitioner will recommend nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes, as well as the number of treatments, and determine the strategy for subsequent sessions based on his/her estimate and the state of each individual.

The patient must be ready to take the responsibility for his/her health and be ready to change his/her lifestyle.

The course of SCIO therapy:

– Identify, and then remove the cause of stress.
– Balance damaged organs.
– Clear blockages to flow of energy in the body.
– Reduce symptoms and discomfort using natural healing methods.
– Correct irregularities of the patient’s physical makeup.

SCIO is the most advanced system of analysis and treatment available in current energy medicine. It can process over 60 million bits of data which will help you identify the stress in your body and all its possible consequences.

Health is not everything, but everything is nothing without health.

Arthur Schopenhauer