Financial and Legal consultancy

Financial consultancy

Many professional athletes find themselves in a unique position; they are able to earn an extremely high income at a very young age. Most of them will only remain in these high-income brackets for a limited period of time, however. For this reason, it is necessary to draw up a financial schedule that is tuned to their own personal situation. This has the objective of guaranteeing financial security, both during and after the sporting career. For this reason, Olsta co-operates closely and independently with selected and well-known financial institutions and banks.

Legal consultancy

In the area of legal consultancy, many professional athletes may already have had unpleasant experiences. It may be that a player or advertising contract is not paid out, or that companies go into bankruptcy.

In order to avoid such difficulties from arising, any contracts that are closed should always be supervised by a solicitor’s office. In this field, too, Olsta co-operates with highly competent solicitors, so guaranteeing the economic success of any player or advertising contracts agreed.