Public relations, Marketing and Communications

He should be a winner, while he is not obliged to win every time, the opportunity should always be there. It always helps if the person looks good. A charisma and effect upon people are extremely important. He or she should possess a personality with which people find it easy to identify and that they want to get to know better.

Before sport became professionalized, it was sufficient for an athlete to train hard and do well in competition. Today, however, a professional sportsman or sportswoman must offer constantly improving services, embody a positive and clean image, demonstrate a high recognition level, possess a charismatic personality, be generally popular and behave in a media-friendly manner. This is exactly where the work of Olsta begins, namely the creation of value.

Firstly, the intention to create a strong and positive image is of the utmost importance, before initial communications are made with potential sponsors as to how this positive image could inspire their business. Olsta fulfills the task of market value creation by conducting individual advertising campaigns, strategically selected public appearances and equipment contracts.

As well as sporting success and the winner image, personal contacts are required to arrive at lucrative advertising and equipment contracts. Olsta clients profit from its existing relations with numerous companies and organizations within the sports equipment industry.